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 Congratulations on taking the first step to truly being your own boss! Paint and sip studios are a hot business model sweeping through the U.S. and abroad. The concept is simple: Your customers bring their own wine, beer, or non-alcoholic beverages, and your instructors walk them step-by-step through completing a painting within a 2- or 3- hour period. You can have a brick and mortar location, or keep your parties mobile. Our paintings are designed to be taught to customers who have little to no experience, all while they listen to music, chat with friends and sip away. As an independent business owner, you'll have the option of modifying your business to sell drinks or not, offer kids classes or not, have a brick and mortar location or mobile events, offer jewelry making, card stamping, glass painting, and any other variation you choose! The great thing about this type of business is that it's fun for both you and your customers.

Not only that, but you can make a fantastic living at it!

Now let's talk about what Artistic Abandon can do for you versus what franchisers do. Are you interested in starting your own paint and sip studio but don't have upwards of $25k for the initial franchise fee on top of your start-up costs, and don't want to pay a monthly franchise fee? Want to run your business the way you see fit and not have to abide by strict corporate rules? Don't want to have to prove that you have the net worth required by most franchisers? Apprehensive about starting out on your own and want to avoid common mistakes? We have the perfect solution!

Artisitic Abandon offers consulting services to get you started in the industry and help you succeed for a fraction of the cost of franchisers. We'll teach you everything you need to know about opening and running a successful studio like ours, get you started with sample paintings, help with hiring, training, advertising, website and more. In short, we do everything to get you open that a franchise does at a drastically reduced cost, and we will be there for additional support for your first year for free. And let's be honest about what a franchse offers: they tell you how to do everything, set rules that you have to follow regardless of whether or not it works in your specific location, and then make you pay them even though you really do know what you're doing after a few months. Why would you want to keep paying them once you're up and running?

Unlike a franchise, you will be an independent studio with the ability to set your own policies, hours, budgets, etc., and you will not have to pay a corporation monthly royalty fees of up to 10%. You will not be obligated to a franchiser for any of your future earnings! The money you bring in is yours.

Artistic Abandon has been thriving in a tough market with plenty of competition (including the huge franchise corporations Painting With a Twist, Wine and Design, Pinot's Palette, and PaintNite) in our area, but our customers keep coming back for more. Our selection of paintings and our teaching method set us apart from the competitors, and we'll show you exactly how to give your customers the best possible experience, so that they want to return and give you their business again and again.

Take charge of your financial future now! Interested? Fill out the form below, give us a call at 919-901-7385, or email us at for more information. You can also read our blog here.  


 "When I first met Emily, I immediately knew that I had made the right decision in hiring Artistic Abandon. Without her advice and training, I would not have been able to have a successful business only a few months later. They are very attentive and respond to my needs promptly. Emily's honest and sincere approach in providing clear-cut advice, assistance, and counsel has been instrumental in the opening and running of my studio." - Caroline Mullins, Honeysuckle Studio, Blacksburg, VA

"I'm so glad that I found Emily and the Artistic Abandon team. I was in the process of purchasing a franchise but wasn't comfortable with all the royalty fees, franchise fee, and the list goes on and on. We decided to do some research and came across Artistic Abandon which is the best thing I could have done. They have been so helpful from beginning to end, even traveling to train the artists, helping with marketing, lease negotiations, and any questions that may come up. It is definitely well worth the investment and not having to worry about all the monthly fees the franchises charge. The best part is that you can make the business your own without all the restrictions. They just guide you in the best way! I love Emily and Sebastian. They are amazing!" - Aliyana Thornton, The Art Bar Virginia, Suffolk, VA

"We were very happy with the services Emily provided. It was a fraction of the price we would have paid if we had gone with a franchise company. We tweaked the forms and policies she provided to fit our needs. The studio training for my employees was great and we use her policies and procedures for our daily operations...Emily was worth the cost for having a successful opening, and just having someone to brainstorm with was priceless." - Harry and Brenda Jackson, Tickled Paint, Salisbury, MD 

About Our Team

Want to know who you'll be working with? Unlike with a franchise, we don't have a team of sales people who will promise you the moon but have nothing to do with your training or getting you up and running. when you're ready to talk about starting your own business, you'll be dealing start to finish with Emily and Sebastian Page. They've been in the sip and paint industry for about 10 years and have had both a brick and mortar location and run mobile events. They've done it all! To learn more about them, we invite you to read Artistic Abandon's blog here.

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