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Private Parties

Yes, we have wine and art parties at our studio that are open to the public AND private parties. We are also capable of bringing the party to your home or office! See the party packages below. To arrange for a private party, call us at (919) 901-7385 or email us at

Private parties are a great way to celebrate:

- Birthday parties
- Block parties
- Dinner parties/couples nights out
- Bridal Showers
- Bachelorette parties
- Office parties/team building events
- Singles groups
- Ladies night out
- Seniors groups
- Book groups/supper clubs
- Church groups
- Youth groups
- Sorority/Fraternity nights
- Mommy & Me groups!

The great part about scheduling private parties at our location is that you don't have to pay for the clean up! Your guests can come and have a great time, listening to music, chatting, sipping beverages and snacks, and painting something that will be a reminder of a fantastic night for years to come. 

Have a special theme for your event and want a corresponding painting? We can create a custom painting for your party for a flat fee of $50. 

For private parties, we require a credit card number to hold the reservation but it won't be charged and your guests can pay individually online if you choose. Should you need to cancel your party, you must notify us
at least 7 days in advance. If you cancel with less than 7 days notice, you will be charged for the cost of 6 guests (if you booked our back room) or 13 guests (if you booked our front room), NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Private parties for adults at our studio:
We can accommodate wine and paint parties for up to 42 people (though we prefer to keep it to 30 people), and require a minimum of 6 people. Parties run between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the painting chosen for the event. We have two studios to choose from depending on the size of your group. For parties of 6-12 people, you can use our back studio, and for parties 13-30 people or more, you can use our front studio.
Price: $35 or $45 per person, depending on the painting you choose for the group.

Private parties for adults at your home or office:
We require a minimum of 10 people. Parties run between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the painting chosen for the event.
Price: $45 per person + traveling expenses (contact us to find out traveling expenses for your area)

Team building events and couples parties:
We have several team building painting plans, as well as fun group events for couples parties. Call us for more information!

Kids parties at our studio:
A great way for your guests to create their own party favors! Have a theme for your little one's party? Let us know and we'll create a painting to fit into your theme!

We can accommodate parties for up for 30 children, and require a minimum of 6 children. We hold parties for children turning 6 and up. The studio is yours for 2 hours, about an hour of which will be for painting and the other hour will be for cake/presents. 
Price: $25 per child for the first 10 children, $20 for each additional child.

Private parties for kids at your home:
We require a minimum of 15 children.
Price: $30 per child + traveling expenses (contact us to find out traveling expenses for your area)

Mommy & Me parties:
A fun way for a group of moms and their kids to each create a masterpiece together!
We can accommodate parties for up to 32 painters, and require a minimum of 6 painters.
Price: $25 per pair (1 adult + 1 child creating a painting together)

Apartment Complexes:
Do you live in or manage an apartment complex that provides activities for its residents? We'd love to do an art party at your complex! Contact us for details on our reduced rates.

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